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      Cutting machine
      Edge grinding machine
      Chamfering machine
      Burr-removal machine
      Pin machine
      Ring machine
      Four-axies plate drilling machine
      V-cut machine
      X-ray inspetion machine
      Punch oven
      PCB machining tool series
      hole machine
      automatic high speed unreeling device

      Dongguan XinYao Machinery Co.,Ltd

      Contact: Mr Liao
      Phone: +86-15812813611
      Tel: +86-0769-81505183

      QQ: 305808446

      About Us

              Dongguan Xinyao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, with the patent certificate of more than 10, is a professional R & D, committed to high-quality PCB drilling real professional equipment manufacturing, sales and service in one company. The company is headquartered in Changan town of Guangdong province China Dongguan City, the existing plant area of 3000 square meters, more than 50 employees, 6 R & D personnel, sales were in Vietnam, Singapore, Egypt, India and other Southeast Asian country and China.

      Recent News
      Xinyao machinery 2015 Spring&# 2015/2/2
      The problem and sulution f 2014/6/26
      Xinyao mahcinery has reached&# 2014/6/16
      V cut machine characteristic 2012/8/6
      Vcut machine operation flow 2012/8/6

      Copyright Dongguan Xinyao Machinery Co.,Ltd all right reserved. Admin.
      Tel: +86-0769-81505183 (Mr. Liao)  Fax: +86-0769-82387366  Web: www.eebole.com             粵ICP備16101055號
      Address: No.5 Maoshandong road, Xiagang village, Changan town, Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China.

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